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Software Freedom Conservancy: Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come!

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The Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) has issued a strong call for free software projects to give up GitHub and to move their repositories elsewhere. There are a number of problems that SFC has identified with the GitHub code-hosting service and, in particular, with its Copilot AI-based code-writing tool that was trained on the community's code stored in the company's repositories. Moving away from GitHub will not be easy, SFC said, but it is important to do so lest the free-software community repeat the SourceForge mistake.
Specifically, we at Software Freedom Conservancy have been actively communicating with Microsoft and their GitHub subsidiary about our concerns with "Copilot" since they first launched it almost exactly a year ago. Our initial video chat call (in July 2021) with Microsoft and GitHub representatives resulted in several questions which they said they could not answer at that time, but would "answer soon". [...] Last week, after we reminded GitHub of (a) the pending questions that we'd waited a year for them to answer and (b) of their refusal to join public discussion on the topic, they responded a week later, saying they would not join any public nor private discussion on this matter because "a broader conversation [about the ethics of AI-assisted software] seemed unlikely to alter your [SFC's] stance, which is why we [GitHub] have not responded to your [SFC's] detailed questions". In other words, GitHub's final position on Copilot is: if you disagree with GitHub about policy matters related to Copilot, then you don't deserve a reply from Microsoft or GitHub. They only will bother to reply if they think they can immediately change your policy position to theirs. But, Microsoft and GitHub will leave you hanging for a year before they'll tell you that!
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6 days ago
While back in the day I would have wanted to host my own thing, these days .. I don't. so if I were to move personal projects away from github, I'd want a hosted service. And I'd hate to give up continuous integration (though I'm willing to rewrite away from github's proprietary yml format for CI)

Codeberg is a nonprofit based in the EU, but it looks like their CI offering isn't ready yet. sourcehut does have a CI, but I don't know anything about it.
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5 days ago
A few notes here on sourcehut: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T217852 - I imagine they've added / refined a bunch of stuff since then.

True Facts: The Beaver

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From: zefrank1
Duration: 13:16

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Patreon: https://patreon.com/truefacts
Mike's Video's of Beavers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAz9RfinLIsW13Lt5TsT2Tw
Janet Pesaturo's channel:

Thank you to:
Dr. Vanessa Petro, Oregon State Univ.
Dr. Peter Busher, Boston Univ.
Dr. Emily Fairfax, CSU Channel Islands
Dr. Clint Epps, Oregon State Univ.

Dr. Lyle M. Gordon, Northwestern Univ.
Mike Callahan, Beaver Institute
Bob Armstrong “Nature Bob,” Univ. of Alaska
Michael Graydon

Ben Goldfarb, author of “Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter"
James St. John
Julio Lacerda
Thilo Park
Janet Pesaturo,
Winterberry Wildlife
National Wildlife Research Center, Oregon Field Station
Jak Wonderly
US Forest Service Mendenhall Glacier Web Cam

CC Images:
Beaver Skull Cut: Thilo Parg / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 4.0

Palaeocastor fossor and Palaeocastor and burrow in National Museum of
Natural History: Claire H. (flickr) CC BY 2.0

Palaeocastor BW.jpg: Nobu Tamura CC3.0 Unported

Daemonelix burrow James St. John CC-BY 2.0

Additional footage from:
Envato Elements



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Tor Project 2020-2021 annual report

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The Tor Project has released a new annual report.

One element of this year's work that inspires me, and shows the power of the Tor community, is the response to the internet censorship in Russia and Ukraine. The entire Tor community immediately jumped into action to keep people online. Seeing this passion in action, while keeping tens of thousands of Russians connected to the open internet, has been inspiring.
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15 days ago
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K9 mail to become Thunderbird on Android

The Thunderbird project's announcement of its plans for an Android client contain a bit of a surprise:

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that today, K-9 Mail officially joins the Thunderbird family. And [K9 maintainer Christian Ketterer] has already joined the full-time Thunderbird staff, bringing along his valuable expertise and experience with mobile platforms.

Ultimately, K-9 Mail will transform into Thunderbird on Android.

That means the name itself will change and adopt Thunderbird branding. Before that happens, we need to reach certain development milestones that will bring K-9 Mail into alignment with Thunderbird’s feature set and visual appearance.

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22 days ago
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The "Hertzbleed" vulnerability

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Today's branded, logo-equipped vulnerability is known as Hertzbleed; it affects x86 processors (at least) and can be exploited in some situations to extract cryptographic keys from a remote server.

Hertzbleed takes advantage of our experiments showing that, under certain circumstances, the dynamic frequency scaling of modern x86 processors depends on the data being processed. This means that, on modern processors, the same program can run at a different CPU frequency (and therefore take a different wall time) when computing, for example, 2022 + 23823 compared to 2022 + 24436.
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[$] Vetting the cargo

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Modern language environments make it easy to discover and incorporate externally written libraries into a program. These same mechanisms can also make it easy to inadvertently incorporate security vulnerabilities or overtly malicious code, which is rather less gratifying. The stream of resulting vulnerabilities seems like it will never end, and it afflicts relatively safe languages like Rust just as much as any other language. In an effort to avoid the embarrassment that comes with shipping vulnerabilities (or worse) by way of its dependencies, the Mozilla project has come up with a new supply-chain management tool known as "cargo vet".
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26 days ago
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